Of Galleys and Galvanizing

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Today I received — again with a thud courtesy of Thwacky McUPSDude — a most delightful package. After I got over the shock of its loud, unceremonious arrival at my door, I dragged in the brown cardboard box that awaited, wondering, “Could this be…?  But no,” I told myself, trying not to get too excited, “it’s not supposed to come for a couple more weeks…  Prolly just socks or that thingie for the other thingie I vaguely remember ordering.”  It couldn’t be…

…Mais OUI!  It was!

Galleys.  Ten shiny, smooth, luscious-looking uncorrected proofs — proof, indeed, that BLISS is getting published!


So, major WHEE!!! times over here.

Let this delicious little treat serve to overcome the absolute UGH that has been the current Mercury retrograde. While I tend to look so askance at astrology I practically sprain an eyeball, I must say that it’s eerie how often my writing goes awry (and computers, and correspondence, and even my vacuum, which has twice now gone kablooey) during this inauspicious, twice-yearly event.  Whether I’ve given myself the yips or what, I’ll be glad when Mercury goes direct again on the 21st… Merry and her adventures have been waiting for my attention and inspiration long enough. Sometimes, all it takes is a sign from the universe (or the UPS dude) to galvanize you and make you grateful for the life you’ve been given.

Here’s to galleys and the galaxy going my way. Cheers all!

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