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Ever have trouble disconnecting from the internet?  Clearly, I do, or I wouldn’t be blogging when I should be churning out pages on my new novel.

To aid me in tearing myself away from Facebook, the news, heck, even my phone’s weather app, I headed up to Abiquiu, NM, to spend a few days at the famous Ghost Ranch, where Georgia O’Keeffe (practically New Mexico’s patron painter saint) created some of her best works, and which she considered her spiritual home.  It’s not hard to see why she liked it.  Red sandstone cliffs, quiet areas for contemplation, hiking trails and… supposedly no internet!Ghost RanchBut then I headed to their little library, and guess what… internet!  It’s gonna be challenging to shun it for a while, though I’ve already written several pages this first afternoon during the short period before I caved and connected.  Still, I’m actually glad I succumbed to temptation and checked my email this one time.  Becauuuuuuuse… I just got word I won second place in the essay category of the Southwest Writer’s 31st annual contest!

Do I wish it were first place?  Do I scowl a little bit because the first place winner isn’t even living in the southwest?  Er… no!  Of course not.  I’m tickled, thrilled, tittering with jollity.  And the prize might even pay for dinner at a mid-priced steakhouse, once I’m done retreating.

Anyway, it’s a nice affirmation.

I’m off to try and earn my keep.  Farewell from Ghost Ranch!

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