One Day To Go…

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I can’t believe BLISS comes out tomorrow. I mean, I can, I just… somehow feel like I don’t want to jinx anything by getting too excited. All I can do is keep my expectations reasonable. Cross my fingers. Try not to get hit by any falling pianos on my way into town.

So how am I celebrating pre-pub day? By scrubbing toilets. And cleaning the kitchen. Vacuuming. Changing kitty litter. Takin’ out the trash.

It’s not as yucky as it sounds, though. Cleaning makes room for freshness, new things. It’s a delight when it is done and your house is once again welcoming, pleasant, respectable. And I’ve got such nerves I need something physical to do to burn off the anxiety. I can’t control the response to BLISS, but I can at least scrub the crud outta the tub. So that’s what I’m doin’.

Cheers, friends.

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