Cupcake Hangover

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Self Serve Booksigning

Self-Serve Booksigning

Well, yesterday was a blast. It was my first time exploring a female-friendly, totally empowering sex shop, and the staff at Self Serve were amazing. (The fabulous Hunter Riley taught me more about the pelvic floor and the perils/pleasures of Ben Wa balls than I ever expected to know…)  I set up with my sweets, I read from my book, I surprised a couple customers (hopefully pleasantly) and all-in-all had a good time. I don’t yet have another event scheduled until January 14th, and it’s cold as a witch’s tit out there, so it’s a good time to settle in and work on Book 2, which features zero sex toys but lots of fluffy farm animals. Thanks to those who came out to support me, and wish me luck eating the leftovers!

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