A Day of Blessed Little Nothings

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I woke up this morning thinking, “I want to be able to say I turned a corner today.”

I wasn’t sure I was actually feeling corner-turny, but I got a notion like this was something that maybe, in the woo-woo way of Santa Fe, I could “manifest” if I wanted it badly enough.

Maybe it wasn’t a 90-degree corner. Maybe I just kinda-sorta oodged around a very slight bend. Maybe tomorrow I’ll sigh, and say, “I haven’t gotten anywhere at all.” But today was one of those warm, quiet, singularly Santa Fe days, where nothing much happens but just being here still feels like balm for the soul.

I paid some bills. I worked on my day job. I got a perfectly lovely haircut, and looked at a perfectly cozy little house I don’t think I want to buy after all. I ate some uninspiring leftovers, and drank way the fuck too much Diet Coke out of a tall, tall glass with lots of lovely ice.

And my heart didn’t feel breakish at all, the whole day.

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