What Condition My Condition Is In


I’ve been home just over a month now, and haven’t had much to say for myself, at least where writing is concerned. I know this blog ought to focus on my ‘professional’ life, but oftentimes it misses the mark in that regard. My emotional life, my personal life inform my writing (some might say to an uncomfortable degree), and I can’t help delving into these things.

Today all I can say is, I’m feeling creatively bankrupt. I’m waiting on a few developments to, well, develop in my personal life, and when they do I believe I will be freed to take the necessary steps into this new/old New York life. My needs are simple: a place to write and writing compatriots with whom to share the experience of writing. A support network.  And a feeling of joy, which is elusive right now.

Send joy, if you’ve got some to spare.


2 thoughts on “What Condition My Condition Is In

  1. Hilary,

    It was such a joy just meeting you. You are a wonderful person with a great personality. You are a terrific writer and just keep it in mind you are inspire people like me. You went on a survival trip without any knowledge and you inspired me with your pleasant, sometimes funny, attitude toward life. You cheer me up.


  2. It’s okay to be creatively bankrupt at times, as you put it. And don’t worry so much about emotionality. Sincerity’s good, and sometimes some spillover makes things interesting.

    I hope your days get brighter.

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