Givin’ It All Away

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My Goodreads giveaway for BLISS ended yesterday, and it was a really satisfying feeling autographing and carefully packing up each copy to take to the UPS store. I’m not the kind of woman who does this, but I sent along a little wish with each book, hoping the winner would find pleasure in opening the unexpected package and seeing the crisp, fresh copy inside. (And, of course, it goes without saying I hoped they’d enjoy the book.)

As pub date for LAST CHANCE LLAMA RANCH approaches, my hopes also go with it. It’s only TWO WEEKS away! After all that toil, joyous and awful by turns, it’s finally going to be on shelves. Will y’all like it?  I honestly think it’s a winner.

And speaking of winners, for the next 12 days, you can still win a copy of LAST CHANCE LLAMA RANCH on Goodreads!

Click to win!

Click to win!

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