Readers React to Last Chance Llama Ranch

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Know what I love the best? The unsolicited reviews from readers I’ve never met and, sadly, probably never will meet. It’s awesome to visit my Facebook page and find a message saying I’ve won over another fan, or check out my Goodreads listings and see I’ve earned another five-star rating. Here are some of the most gratifying snippets from readers’ online reviews:

“I’m only coming up on the halfway point of the LCLR book and SO loving it! The downside is, I keep getting lost in the book and my crocheting slows down until I get a few pages and realize my hands stopped moving. I can’t NOT read!”

“Really enjoyed this book! I actually work at a book store and discovered this while straightening our shelves. I definitely wasn’t expecting to look up and see a llama staring back at me. However, I just couldn’t resist that face and purchased it on a whim. Was not disappointed, very cute book.”

“It is easy to care for the colorfully written characters of Aguas Milagros. Merry definitely has cringe-worthy moments, but Fields doesn’t take the easy way and plant a twenty something girl drinking in bars to find funny scenes. Instead she puts Merry on a unique adventure that leads to personal growth and just happens to include a pretty studly guy.”

Thanks, readers. You’re the reason I keep at this job!

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