Givin’ It All Away

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My Goodreads giveaway for BLISS ended yesterday, and it was a really satisfying feeling autographing and carefully packing up each copy to take to the UPS store. I’m not the kind of woman who does this, but I sent along a little wish with each book, hoping the winner would find pleasure in opening the unexpected package and seeing the crisp, fresh copy inside. (And, of course, it goes without saying I hoped they’d enjoy the book.)

As pub date for LAST CHANCE LLAMA RANCH approaches, my hopes also go with it. It’s only TWO WEEKS away! After all that toil, joyous and awful by turns, it’s finally going to be on shelves. Will y’all like it?  I honestly think it’s a winner.

And speaking of winners, for the next 12 days, you can still win a copy of LAST CHANCE LLAMA RANCH on Goodreads!

Click to win!

Click to win!

New Mexico Magazine Reviews LAST CHANCE LLAMA RANCH for their August 2015 Issue!

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The August issue of New Mexico Magazine is out, and I’m honored to find a review of LAST CHANCE LLAMA RANCH in it. They call it “a smart, bawdy, tenderhearted beach read,” but I have to warn you, llamas hate getting sand in their fleece.

Read the full review here!

SQUEE!!!! RT Book Reviews Chooses Last Chance Llama Ranch As a Top Pick!

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Four and a half stars, friends. And a Top Pick! As reviews go, RT Book Reviews’ rave write-up of Last Chance Llama Ranch (coming August 25th from Redhook) really couldn’t be better. I’m so thrilled.  To begin with, they said, “Fields’ utterly unique and zany sense of humor is irresistible…” Check out the full review here!

Starred Kirkus Review for LAST CHANCE LLAMA RANCH!

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I’m so delighted to announce, LAST CHANCE LLAMA RANCH has been given a much-coveted starred review from Kirkus.  They call LCLR “Charming” and “An engrossing story with a unique cast of characters—both human and animal—written in a unique and confident voice.”  I like to think that’s true.

Here’s a link to the full review.  Yay!

What Condition My Condition Is In


I’ve been home just over a month now, and haven’t had much to say for myself, at least where writing is concerned. I know this blog ought to focus on my ‘professional’ life, but oftentimes it misses the mark in that regard. My emotional life, my personal life inform my writing (some might say to an uncomfortable degree), and I can’t help delving into these things.

Today all I can say is, I’m feeling creatively bankrupt. I’m waiting on a few developments to, well, develop in my personal life, and when they do I believe I will be freed to take the necessary steps into this new/old New York life. My needs are simple: a place to write and writing compatriots with whom to share the experience of writing. A support network.  And a feeling of joy, which is elusive right now.

Send joy, if you’ve got some to spare.


Jack Hammers and Dim Sum and Snow…Oh, Why?

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So, I moved back home. Back to Manhattan, land of my birth and of my grudging love, affection and respect. Back to the insanity of subway construction, snow, sleet and sludge, and all the memories good and bad that go with this place. I’ve left the land of manana in the realm of yesterday, and I’m off to new-old things.

I won’t go into the whys and wherefores. Suffice it to say there were reasons, and I hope they were good ones. Once the daffodils begin to poke their heads out in Central Park, I know I’ll feel excitement for the future, but for now I’m mostly grateful for good friends, good food (sayonara, green chile!), and, most recently, for finishing the copy edits on LAST CHANCE LLAMA RANCH, which is in really great shape and nearly ready for its August pub date.

I don’t tend to toot my own horn, but I really feel this book is my best work to date. As I write each novel, I learn something new about the craft, and after 7 complete works of over 100,000 words each, I feel I’m beginning to come into my strengths as a writer and shake some sloppy habits. I’m so excited for it to go out into the world and find its audience.

Meanwhile, I go out into the (still!) frozen tundra in search of bagels. Because I can.

Looking Forward

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Today I’m feeling happy. Just happy. LAST CHANCE LLAMA RANCH is in copyedits and off my plate for now. I’m working on a new idea–it’s got interstellar bimbos, and comic books, and feminist themes. My friends are by my side and the sun’s out, shining as it does only in Santa Fe. I’m eating stale chocolate cake at Santa Fe Baking Co. and us gals are talking about which is better, Star Trek Voyager or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. One can’t ask for much more (except maybe cake that isn’t stale).

Soon enough I’ll be leaving Santa Fe, and there’s real grief when I think about it. Fear, too. Will I come to regret this? Was everything just about to gel for me here, and I’m ‘quitting before the miracle’?  I’ve no way of knowing. I only know it felt like time to move on, and so that’s what I’m doing.  After a lunatic year of loss and grief and moments of passion I never expected, I need to roll forward instead of drifting in their wake and losing all momentum.

I think I’m ready, and I know I’m grateful for it all.

Happy New Year!

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Hello friends and neighbors! Just a quick post to say happy 2015 and hey, I’m still alive and kicking.  Speaking of kicking, my llamas and alpacas are doing high kicks because I’m nearly finished with edits on LAST CHANCE LLAMA RANCH!  Huzzah!

More to come… meanwhile…