Book Signing in Santa Fe!

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Hey folks, just a quickie reminder, Tuesday January 14th at 6pm I’m doing a reading and signing at Santa Fe’s premiere independent bookstore, Collected Works! Come out and listen to me as I practice my best plumy, resonant, and hopefully not too absurd authorial voice while I read juicy bits from BLISS!

Deets below:

Collected Works Bookstore

Tuesday, January 14th at 6pm

202 Galisteo Street

Santa Fe, NM 87501

Reading, signing, and Q&A!

Learn more about the event on Facebook…

Signings ‘n’ Stuff

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So, here’s me at last night’s Discovery Friday signing at Barnes & Noble, rockin’ a new blue dress and reading to peeps. What a pleasure!

Unfortunately, tonight’s signing/talk at Self-Serve Sexuality Resource Center had to be postponed due to a big-ass snowstorm.

Boo, no reading!

Yay, we’re gonna reschedule for sometime in December, and I will most certainly announce it in advance.

Boo, I’ve got about a dozen cupcakes and forty zillion lemon bars sitting around now, that I was planning to serve at the event.

Yay… forty zillion desserts laying around the house!

Boo, Weight Watchers.

Yay, screw it, it’s snowing and I’ll eat ten cupcakes by the fireplace if I wanna.

Stay toasty, my friends…