At LLast, the Llama Llaunch! LAST CHANCE LLAMA RANCH Is In Stores Today!

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My friends, I’m so excited to say TODAY is the DAY! LAST CHANCE LLAMA RANCH is finally on shelves, and I so appreciate your support during this process. If I could ask just a little more, here are a couple things you might do to help if you’re willing:

1) if you’ve already read an advanced copy, please consider posting a five-star review on Amazon and/or Goodreads,, etc. This is incredibly helpful and can make or break an author.
2) if you pre-ordered LAST CHANCE LLAMA RANCH and your copy arrives in the next couple days, please consider taking a picture of yourself with it. You can email it to if you want to be featured on my site!
3) If you’d like to order LCLR online, it’s available on Amazon at this link:…/…/0316277428/ or on Barnes and Noble at…/1120878222
4) If you’d like to buy it but hate Amazon, etc, try Indiebound by clicking here: to find your nearest bookseller.
5) If you’d like to buy a copy in person but it’s not available locally, you can always ask your local shop if they’ll order one for you. It usually can be there within a couple days!
6) if you’d be willing to tell your friends about my book, I’d be so grateful.

Blow jobs, cookies, massages, babysitting services… I owe you all big time!


Signings ‘n’ Stuff

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So, here’s me at last night’s Discovery Friday signing at Barnes & Noble, rockin’ a new blue dress and reading to peeps. What a pleasure!

Unfortunately, tonight’s signing/talk at Self-Serve Sexuality Resource Center had to be postponed due to a big-ass snowstorm.

Boo, no reading!

Yay, we’re gonna reschedule for sometime in December, and I will most certainly announce it in advance.

Boo, I’ve got about a dozen cupcakes and forty zillion lemon bars sitting around now, that I was planning to serve at the event.

Yay… forty zillion desserts laying around the house!

Boo, Weight Watchers.

Yay, screw it, it’s snowing and I’ll eat ten cupcakes by the fireplace if I wanna.

Stay toasty, my friends…


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Dear friends, family, and countrymen (okay, colleagues at ye olde day job), I just want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who bought BLISS, everyone who let me know “Amazon says it’s in the mail!” and expressed excitement on my behalf. For those who read it early and enjoyed it enough to post a review or tweet kind words, thank you, you’re amazing, and your cookies are baking in the oven.

Speaking of which, the whole latter part of this week is going to be me completely blowing my Weight Watchers points and baking up a storm… (in the middle of a winter storm, which rather sucks). The reason for this is that I’ll be reading and signing copies of the book at Barnes & Noble at the Coronado Mall in Albuquerque on Friday, and chatting with readers at Self Serve Toys in Albuquerque on Saturday night.  The details are on my Events Page. Of course, I don’t want anyone to go away hungry, so I’m making everything from cupcakes to biscochitos to lemon bars to bring along. Let’s all get fat and BLISS out together!

Again, my friends, thank you for the support, the great feedback, and for being in my life. Feel free to send pics of yourself holding up your copy of BLISS, and I’ll post ’em!

Final Countdown

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It’s four days until the official drop date for BLISS. “Doesn’t seem real” barely covers the surreal sensation this knowledge engenders in me. Partly it’s because there’s no red-carpet premiere, no box office numbers to tally when a book comes out. Most authors I know just spend the day obsessively checking their sales rank on, and surely I won’t be able to resist either.  I’ll bombard the Twitterverse with tweets, and annoy the crap out of my Facebook followers reminding them of the big event.  (Apologies in advance!) But otherwise, what marks such a momentous day for a writer? I suspect… not much. I’ll probably wear my cute new shoes, despite Santa Fe being a ridiculous place to wear high heels.  And some dear friends will join me for a celebratory meal.  Aside from that? I can only imagine what’s going on out there, beyond my control.

Are little elves stocking my novel on Barnes & Noble shelves?  Will some avid lover of women’s fiction be browsing a store in South Dakota and come stumbling across a new book with a pretty white cover?  Will she creep closer, daring to pick up the nice, weighty paperback, feel the pleasant tactile sensation of the jacket against her fingers?  Will she turn it over, and snort a small chuckle as she reads the tagline “Nothing says ‘oops’ like your naked ass skidding in the salmon mousse?”  Or perhaps wrinkle her nose and say, “No mousse-y ass for me, thanks!”  Might some store clerk in an indie bookstore happen to flip through it during breaks in the back room (ha, back room!) and decide, “Hey, I dig this, I’m going to put it on the ‘recommended reads’ table?”

I’ve no earthly idea.  And no control at this point. I crafted BLISS as if it were the most important confection of my career, adding all my favorite fantasies and wish fulfillment into the mix. I can only hope it tastes as sweet to the reader as it did to the writer.